Safe trampoline for children


27 May 19

This news will answer many questions about the safe stay of children on trampolines.

Trampolines located on the territory of the amusement Park "Chudo Park" are equipped with an anchor system. Anchor fastening system implies a metal ring, concreted into the ground. The rings are located on the perimeter of the entire attraction, at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. To fix the trampoline mooring ropes are used, each mooring one end is attached to the fixing unit on the trampoline shell, and the second - to the fixing system itself. This system allows you to securely lock the trampoline.

Each trampoline is equipped with a professional air injection system.

In case of emergency disconnection of the network, this system will evenly distribute the air pressure and prevent instantaneous deflation of the trampoline, which will allow you to freely withdraw children from the attraction.

Safe stay of children on the rides, is a priority for the network of amusement parks "My family"

Chudo Park → Batyr mall → 653-160

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