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From 10:00 to 22:00

Beeline Kazakhstan is a universal telecom operator that offers mobile and fixed telephony services, international and long distance communication, data transmission, Internet access based on wireless technologies, fiber optic access, Wi-Fi, and third and fourth generation networks. In addition to the standard list of services, Beeline provides a large number of digital options: mobile finance, multimedia services, convergent services.

Beeline's services for the fourth quarter of 2016 are used by more than 9 million customers.

Beeline Kazakhstan is recognized as the most respected operator of the country based on the reputation audit reputation Institute.

The operator is part of the international telecommunications holding company Veon, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Today Veon is the seventh mobile operator in the world in terms of the number of subscribers, in the fourth quarter of 2016 the company serves more than 230 million subscribers.