Opening Hours

From 10:00 to 22:00

Gulliver is inimitable as a smile of your child! And that is true! The unique design and quality of the Gulliver collections will make the child's wardrobe stylish and expressive!
The first word, the first D grade, and the first love - Gulliver is ready to share all the beginnings and victories of your child on the way to adulthood!

Gulliver is stylish clothes, footwear, and accessories for the age category mini (from 2 to 6 years), kids (from 7 to 10 years), and teens (from 11 to 15 years). Each client of Gulliver will be able to find something different, depending on the lifestyle, color preferences, and mood:
Casual - stylish casual clothes for the house and walks with friends;
Fashion - elegant and daring solutions reflecting the latest trends of the season;
Casual sport - fashionable, comfortable, functional clothing for outdoor activities;
School - complete and comfortable total look for the schoolchild.