Work for Batyr mall

Batyr Mall means changing everyday life of many people for the better, and all that we do serves this purpose.

In work, we are all united by the enthusiasm with which we approach any task, our willingness to take responsibility and a sincere desire to help each other. Our company gives the ordinary and open people the chance to grow and develop both personally and professionally. This approach helps us move forward and lead the team and business to the common success

Работа в ТРЦ Батыр Молл
Торговых площадей

Growth and development

Comfortable conditions for work and rest

Work in a professional team

Stability and confidence in the future

Open vacancies





Brokerage manager

Official duties:

  • Search for tenants in accordance with the concept of the Company.
  • Holding meetings and negotiations with potential tenants for the purpose of agreeing and signing documents, providing the client with the information required, presentation of retail space.
  • Timely renegotiation or termination of contracts, agreements, ongoing work with existing tenants, changes in lease terms.
  • Organization of advertising of free premises.
  • Systematization and control of customer base.


  • Opportunity for professional growth and development.
  • Full social.package stable salary.
  • Schedule: 5/2 from 09.00 to 18.00 hours.


Official duties:

  • organization of business meetings, negotiations, and conferences of the head of the Company;
  • Travel-support of the manager: organization of business trips and visa support for the head, booking (air and railway tickets);
  • timely and high-quality execution of business and personal orders of the head;
  • solution of administrative issues;
  • documentation support for the activities of the head: preparation of documents, drafting letters, orders; reception, validation and editing of documents submitted for signature to the head;
  • coordination of telephone calls.


  • 5/2 work schedule;
  • employment in accordance with the labor legislation of the RoK;
  • decent salary, to be discussed with a successful candidate for an interview.
  • - We offer interesting challenges and the possibility of professional development in a stable company, a transparent system of motivation, a democratic environment, work in a friendly team of professionals!

Chief Accountant

Official duties:

  • Higher education in the relevant specialty;
  • Experience in accounting (including in managerial positions) for at least 5 years,
  • Knowledge of accounting, tax and business legislation;
  • Responsibility, honesty, creativity.

Bowling manager

Official duties:

  • Управляющий боулингом осуществляет общее руководство административно-хозяйственной и экономической деятельностью боулинга.
  • Осуществляет контроль за техническим состоянием оборудования.
  • Организует мероприятия по обучению, развитию и мотивации персонала;
  • Обеспечивает высокий уровень обслуживания посетителей.
  • Осуществляет подбор, обучение персонала, координирует его работу (постановка задач и контроль за выполнением, составление графика выходов, учет рабочего времени).
  • Принимает меры по разрешению конфликтных ситуаций.


  • Высшее техническое или экономическое образование,
  • Опыт работы (в том числе на руководящих должностях) не менее 5 лет,
  • Опыт работы в сфере маркетинга не менее 3 лет,
  • Высокая работоспособность,
  • Отличные организаторские способности,
  • Наличие лидерских качеств.

Production Cleaner

No suitable vacancy?

If you do not currently have vacancies that match your professional experience and education, you can fill out the questionnaire / attach the resume. In case of a suitable vacancy, we invite you to an interview.
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