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From 10:00 to 22:00

Respect is a stable, dynamically developing company that produces Russian quality, comfortable and stylish shoes with a sophisticated design at an affordable price.

The history of Respect originates in 2000 when the production of footwear of its own brand “Respect” was organized based on the First Shoe Factory in St. Petersburg.
Despite the fact that over time, most of the footwear production was transferred to Southeast Asia, Europe, and South America, the product remains Russian. A friendly team of fashion designers and technologists creates models of Respect shoes, considering the latest fashion trends, offers of the European fashion houses and climatic conditions of Russia, and carefully monitor its quality.

Respect does not attach importance to the marital or social status because each person has an individuality and is worthy of respect.
The fashion-conscious persons, office workers, and students can find what they need in any collection of Respect.
Respect knows that life is diverse and brings a lot of unforgettable impressions, so this brand's shoes are for any occasion and for any weather. You may find the evening shoes for a special occasion, classic shoes for business meetings, and frivolous comfortable sandals for walking along the tropical beaches.